Fishing Options at Anna Maria Island Rentals

rod reel pier anna mariaForty miles from Tampa just off the West Coast of Florida, lies the beautiful island of Anna Maria. Anna Maria Island is breathtakingly beautiful and a popular tourist destination. The island offers cool blue waters and an array of activities which include hot air balloon rides, boating, golfing and fishing.

Fishing is a particularly popular activity for many guests staying at our Anna Maria Island rentals. There are numerous fishing opportunities that one can get involved in; each having its own charm. The waters around the island make for good fishing and are ideal for fishing almost throughout the year.

Pier Fishing at Anna Maria Island

What could be more incredible than fishing in the Gulf of Mexico! Anna Maria Islands offers fishing enthusiasts the prospects of fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off a pier. The island is covered with bridges and piers which are idyllic spots fishing spots.

The three main fishing piers on the island are the Historical City Pier, the Bradenton Street Historical Pier and The Rod and Reel Pier. They are filled with vacationers at any given time of the year. Vacationers have an enjoyable time fishing and casting nets.

The piers offer a panoramic view of the Gulf of Mexico. They present a picturesque view providing beautiful backdrops for vacation pictures. The piers are dotted with shops selling fishing baits and restaurants that serve some delectable food.

The Historical City Pier is the best spot on the island to catch different varieties of salt water fish. It extends into the Tampa Bay and is always packed with avid fishermen. Their presence is proof of how good a spot it is for fishing.

The Rod and Reel Pier stretches into Tampa Bay too, while the Bradenton Street Historical Pier stands on the bay side at the far end of Bridge Street. The piers are always crowded and are a hub of activity.

Fishing Off the Coast

Many guests at our Anna Maria Island rentals head out to sea on fishing boats. Visitors to Anna Maria Island can charter fishing boats out into the ocean for a novel fishing experience. The view of the island from out at sea is spectacular. Boats can be chartered for the whole day or for a few hours. Chartered boats have experienced captains who know the best fishing spots in the area.

Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota Bay and Tampa Bay are the best fishing spots. The Intracoastal Waterway that consists of canals running through the island is another good place for fishing.

Vacationers have a choice of renting normal fishing boats, sailboats or power boats. Fishing gear is also available for rent. Fishing in the open waters requires a fishing license issued by the state of Florida and can be obtained at a nominal fee.

What Types of Fish Might I Catch?

Interestingly the type of fish one catches off the pier and out in the sea is not of the same kind. Fishing at the pier is fun and vacationers can get lucky with their catch. The waters surrounding the bridges and piers are home to mackerel, kingfish, snappers, grouper, red fish and ladyfish, as well different types of sharks.

Charter trips into the ocean are an altogether different experience. The focus is on bottom fishing for amberjack, snapper and grouper in addition to migrant fish such as black fin tuna, cobia, kingfish and mahi-mahi.

Fishing vacations in Anna Maria have a charm of their own and will most definitely be an experience to remember for anyone who holidays here.


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